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Help Animals. Heal The Planet.

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Executive Summary

Human expansion and encroachment of ecologically sensitive spaces that were once home to endangered species is putting a huge burden on our planet’s rich biodiversity and health.

Today, we are losing species at a rate that is 100 to 1,000 times faster than what is considered to be the natural extinction rate. We are facing increased exposure to emerging zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, Swine Flu, and COVID-19. We are also seeing a resurgence of ‘old diseases’ that were once controlled or even considered ‘eliminated’, such as Rabies.

With your support, we can help animals and heal our planet.

Project Description:

Our aim is to raise a total of $5.5 Million by 2024 to profoundly impact ecologically sensitive areas around the world where biodiversity is threatened, animal suffering is high, and where we can make the greatest impact.

Healthy Elephants Program:

  • Goal: Build An Elephant Care & Conservation Centre of Excellence by 2024 that will include:
    • An elephant hospital with a rehabilitation facility
    • A diagnostic laboratory to test for diseases
    • A research center to enhance care and conservation strategies
    • Training of staff in nursing, nutrition, vet care, and animal behavior
  • Investment needed: $1.5 Million

Healthy Pets Program:

  • Goals:
    • Eliminate Rabies in Laikipia, Kenya
    • Develop a vet residency program to improve companion animal health, care, and welfare
    • Educate hundreds of families about responsible pet ownership, animal behavior, and welfare
    • Prevent overpopulation by providing low-cost vet care and spay/neuter services
    • Train field staff on vet care and animal behavior
  • Investment needed: $975,000

Healthy Farms Program:

  • Goals:
    • Develop a vet residency program to improve livestock health, care, and welfare
    • Ensure 250 households have vet care for healthy goats and donkeys
    • Improve community engagement with livestock, companion animals, and wildlife through humane education
    • Purchase a 'One Health Truck' to send medical doctors and vets to remote communities to eliminate Brucellosis and provide basic medical aid.
  • Investment needed: $550,000

Healthy Wildlife Program:

  • Goals:
    • Sri Lanka
      • Build a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center
      • Create a conservation education program with the Department of Wildlife Conservation
    • Kenya
      • Build a Kenyan Veterinary Residency Program to assist the Kenyan veterinary school
      • Develop and support rhino and cheetah orphanages at Ol Jogi's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
      • Create community education programs to address animal health, welfare, conservation, and One Health concerns.
  • Investment needed: $2.5 Million